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    Make Me Choose >> Anon asked: Burnie or Geoff?

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  2. Katy Perry’s first and last attempt at crowd surfing

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    i would pay a lot of money for a complete list of everyone who’s ever had a crush on me


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    in west narnia born and raised
    through the wardrobe was where i spent most of my days

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  5. Some people don’t have an open mind, and when I was traveling to different places I think I found it hard to enjoy things. You know, I come from a great city where there are lots of things happening, and if you end up in a small town where you don’t have all those things you can feel the difference. Somewhere along the way, though, I think I learned to appreciate the difference.

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    Drink water everyday and don’t let boys be mean to you

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    The Best (and Worst) NBA Teams on Facebook

    The NBA playoffs have begun. The emotions of millions are at stake every night.

    But NBA franchises are also businesses, and those businesses depend on fans buying into the team, both literally and figuratively. And now, Facebook is the dominant place where those fans perform their identities online. The franchise Facebook page has become a key indicator of business health. 

    So, Spanish researchers at the University of Extremadura decided to create a tool that would let them at least quasi-objectively rank teams’ Facebook presences. 

    "Social media provide a unique and strategic means for sport teams to enhance brand management, encourage social interactions among fans, promote ticket sales, and cultivate a more favorable online experience," writes the research team, led by Francisco Javier Miranda in the International Journal of Sports Communication.

    The list Miranda’s team compiled is interesting, too, because of how it intersects with the performance of the teams on the court.

    Read more.[Image: Alexis Madrigal, data from Miranda et al]


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    life is easy, son. it’s just like riding a bike that’s on fire and you’re on fire and everything is on fire and you’re in hell

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  12. "Mr. Tate, when you first saw her you felt something, didn’t you?"

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  13. ❝ Thank you. ❞

    ❝ For what? ❞

    ❝ Watching me. ❞

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    the beauty of minecraft pt. 1

    #the beauty of shader mods that kill every average pc

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